End-to-end specialized consulting, implementation, training and support services in the field of RPA

Consulting Services

Automation Strategy

At Anyrobotics we enable companies to accelerate the adoption of Robotic Process Automation by redesigning the way staff work. We build the Automation Strategy in 5 phases: Automation Feasibility Analysis, Strategy Plan, Infrastructure Architecture, Development, Results Analysis.

Process identification

In collaboration with the client we discover and select the processes to be automated while redesigning their steps. The selection and detailed identification of processes is necessary to optimize the performance of the robotic transformation for the company.

Process Mining & Re-engineering

By applying and utilizing process mining technologies, we analyze the data of the activities created by corporate applications and export measurements about the workflow. Examining this data, we identify the main aspects of the process "as is". At the same time, we analyze and redesign business processes in order to achieve improvements in critical metrics, such as cost, quality, service and performance, with an emphasis on business goals and how processes affect them.

Center of Excellence design & Technology education

Anyrobotics enables companies to accelerate the adoption of Robotic Process Automation by training their executives in RPA technology. At the same time, for companies wishing to move to the next level of RPA integration, we assist in the design and creation of Centers of Excellence, ie internal teams that are responsible for the implementation and management of automation. Our goal is to provide the organization with best practices and appropriate training at all levels of the corporate hierarchy.



Process Automation

Anyrobotics offers bespoke services for the implementation of Robotic Process Automation. Leveraging the experience of large automation projects implementation, we ensure the optimization of workflows, the reduction of costs and the maximization of the return on investment (ROI), achieving the goals set by the organization. The development of automation processes is done end-to-end and includes: Analysis, design, definition of system requirements, implementation, debugging, optimization, exception handling and detailed logging and reporting for each process we automate. The solutions we provide can, indicatevely, contain interaction with: company internal information systems, websites, internet services, Desktop applications, folders, files and electronic documents in the internal network or in the cloud, e-mails etc.

Proof of Value

PoV allows organizations to implement pilot processes based on real business scenarios and may involve a large number of different systems and technologies with increased organizational complexity. With the implementation of a PoV the customer can get a detailed picture of the proces automation feasibility, measure the performance of the automation accurately as well as identify steps which can be redesign contributing to the optimization of the process.

RPA License purchase

As a Platform Agnostic Integrator we cooperate with the largest RPA manufacturers and provide advice and evaluation to select the solution that best serves the customer's goals.



Maintenance Services & Support

We provide full support for the processes that we develop and implement as well as for the processes that the company may have created in the past, ensuring their proper and continuous operation. Support and maintenance is provided in person or remotely, depending on the needs of the customer.

RPA Scalability

Anyrobotics stands by the customer during the complete lifecycle of automation transformation. According to the customer's goals, we offer horizontal and vertical extension solutions covering the entire business, based on current and future needs.

Process Optimization

We undertake the optimization of automation solutions in a company as well as the optimization of the business processes themselves, achieving better utilization of resources, higher efficiency, risk reduction and at the same time guaranteed quality and transparency through all aspects of the process.